Color Block Minecraft Pumpkin Tote Project for Halloween

I'll bet you probably know at least one person among your family and friends who's a fan of Minecraft. I definitely do! My friends love to show off their fascination with the block-building video game with personalized accessories for home and the office. When thinking about fun things to make for Halloween, I thought of the Minecraft pumpkin. When you look at it for a while, its grid-like face translates easily into a color-by-number-like design. This week, we'll turn a plain tote into a treat-ready bag with our pumpkin color block grid.


  • White cotton tote bag
  • Fabric markers (orange, brown and gold)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Scrap construction paper
  • Pumpkin PDF template (click on the image just below and to the right)


1. Start out by downloading and printing our pumpkin grid PDF template (just go ahead and click on the image to the right).
2. Next, draw a box that's 8 inches tall by 8 inches wide. When marking on your bag with your pencil, try not to press too hard, as this will make erasing your grid lines easier.
3. With your box drawn, make a mark every half inch along the top of the box. Connect each line to the bottom of the box. Repeat the same thing for the side of the box. Once you've completed drawing the lines, your grid is ready for coloring. Place your piece of construction paper inside the tote to prevent any marker bleed-through.
4. You and your child will find a method of coloring that works best for your styles, but I found that moving from left to right and working in small sections was easiest. Using your color-block guide, start coloring. Work in sections so that you can erase the pencil marks as you go. (As you can see, if you make your pencil lines too dark, you'll be able to see them under light colors.)
5. Let the fabric marker ink dry completely and then set per manufacturer directions.


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