Craft Roundup: Small Changes for Big DIY Differences

It's the little things that make a big difference sometimes, isn't it? Whether it's a small note tucked inside your child's lunch reminding her how much you love her or a handmade gift from your son on Mother's Day, small, heartfelt gifts often mean the most to us. This week's roundup is all about small changes you can make to everyday craft supplies that result in a great goody you'll love to give.

Washi Tape Storage Box

It goes without saying that a washi tape holder should probably be covered in washi tape! Craftaholics Anonymous shows you how to cover a package of Scotch Expressions Washi Tape to give it extra personality.

Spring Planter Gift

A small drinking cup and bits and scraps of tissue paper combine together for a simple, low-cost planter that works great as a thank-you gift from a child to a teacher or friend on Creative Connections for Kids.

Agate Slice Wall Art

Clare McGibbon's agate slice wall art is so fascinating to look at, you'll find yourself searching for agate within Etsy's craft supply offerings right away. For the young scientists in your house, check out her tutorial on how to take a plain slice and turn it into so much more.

Let's Make Fabric Twine

Just think of all the great uses for your very own fabric twine! My Poppet walks you through the process of making your very own fabric twine, including several photographs and even a video.


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