Creating a Craft Box

Of my list of top favorite Christmas gifts, the art box my aunt gave me when I was 6 is definitely in my top five. It was packed with different types of papers and stickers, and I used every morsel until the box was empty. It was my go-to rainy day activity source and favorite thing to take with me on a trip. As we wrap up National Craft Month, why not create or update your very own craft box for your family?

Does your family have a craft box? Craft blogger Tonya Staab of shared her must-have craft supplies for young artists with me. In her family’s art stash, you’ll always find kid-safe scissors, Elmer’s glue sticks, a bag of scraps (fabric, paper bits, etc.), a pad of paper and a tub of colored and writing instruments.
When you go to put together this supply box, keep an eye out for sales at local grocery and craft stores, southeast Michigan mom-to-mom sales or friends looking to offload some unused supplies their families no longer need.
When it comes to storage, I like a clear box with a latch so that supplies can be easily put away or picked up on-the-go for a trip. When storing things like paint or modeling clay, keep a few Tupperware containers on hand just for craft purposes.
Take a look at this box I put together with some of my favorite finds for makers-in-the-making. If you have art/craft boxes at your house, what kind of supplies do you have in them?

1. Duct tape sheets: If you’ve got duct tape crafters in your household, these sheets are handy to keep in an art box, as they take up less space than clunky rolls.

2. Chenille stems: From classic colors to bright metallics, these “pipe cleaners” come in a variety of colors.

3. Stickers: Need I say more?

4. Elmer’s glue sticks: A cleaner alternative to the bottles. For younger crafters, try the colored sticks, that eventually dry clear, to help with projects.

5. Pencils: Always important to have. Don’t forget pens, too.

6. Doodle pad/construction paper: You need something to put the stickers on, right?

7. Child scissors: Depending on how old your crafter is, these safety scissors are OK to keep in this art box.

8. Paint brushes: Look for different sizes and shapes.

9. Modeling clay: A small pack is great for a rainy day – just keep an eye on where the crumbs go…

10. Watercolor paints: With any paint, check to see what the cleanup involves for spills.

11. Felt/foam pieces: Whether they have stickers or need to be glued on, these pieces have a variety of uses.

12. Markers: There are so many color options. What’s your tiny artist’s preference?

13. Stampers: Keep an eye out for a two-in-one combo of a stamper and an ink pad. And again, watch for rouge stamping.

14. Pom-pons: A bit of glue and these can go anywhere.

15. Ribbon: Great for impromptu jewelry and additions to paper projects.

16. Beads: Not for small crafters, but wonderful for budding jewelry makers.

17. Crayons: Target offers boxes of themed crayons and color that should please just about anyone.

18. Googly eyes: Have you seen the trend online of putting googly eyes on just about anything? Make sure your small artist can do the same – within reason, of course.

19. Fun scissors: In addition to a pair of basic shears, include some fun shapers, too.


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