Custom Stamps for All Occasions

Have you ever started a craft project and realized you didn’t have the right supplies to get it going? Every now and then I find that to be true for myself, especially when it comes to stamps. I’ll have a great idea for a card to send to someone so I’ll pull out my supplies and realize I don’t have the stamp that I need. And this situation is almost always bound to happen when crafting with the little crafters in my life. I’ll put out the stamps and the design they’ll ask for is the one I don’t have.

After going through my stamp collection this summer I made a list of themes that were missing. From basic shapes to sentiments needed for greeting cards, I made a list and found that Stampin Up!, my go-to for paper projects, had many of the designs I needed to add to my stash. Here are some of my must-have designs that are great to add to any family’s collection of stamping supplies.

For this collection of stamps, I selected all wooden-mounted pieces. I love that your child can assemble the stamps on their own or together with you for a project all by itself.

For the kid who loves sweets: “Sprinkles on Top” and “Cupcake Party

Who has the sweet tooth in your family?! For the sweets lover in your house, “Sprinkles on Top” is fun because of the long doughnut-themed stamp (great for making borders) and the mini candy stamp.

With “Cupcake Party,” you’ll find some fun mix-and-match cupcake pieces to have fun stamping with. But sets also come with a few birthday-related message stamps, so it’s double duty for creating DIY birthday cards, too.

For the kid who loves toys: “Boys Will be Boys

Don’t let the mention of boys fool you. This set of stamps is for anyone who has a room overflowing with lots of toys! This set was a must-have in our house because of the LEGO brick-like design that comes with it. With all of the LEGO lovers I know, I can’t believe I didn’t have a LEGO stamp until this summer! The robot stamp is also a favorite of mine as it’s great for adding color to, as I did in the example picture.

For the kid who needs some cheering up: “Kind Koala

Sympathy cards are sometimes the hardest cards to buy because it can be tricky to find just the right thing to say. And when you need to buy one for a child, it’s even harder. That’s why I love this sweet stamp. Its simple message of “Thinking of You” is perfect to have on hand to for those moments when a child could use some cheering up.

For the kid who has wonderful people in her life: “One Big Meaning

We’re back to school and back to busy schedules! For the folks that help us get it all done, this set of ‘thank you’ stamps is perfect for creating a unique note of thanks from your child.


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