Valentines Boxes Kids Can Make for Treats

Looking through some old photos last week, I came across a photo of myself in kindergarten proudly showing off the handmade valentines I create for my classmates for Valentine’s Day. They were classic kids valentine crafts: Nothing fancy; just a brown paper bag filled with a few treats and paired with red and white hearts on the front. They definitely stood out when I brought them to school and were a big hit with my friends!

If your child is hoping to make something for a friend or family member this Valentine’s Day, head to Munro Crafts in Berkley. There you’ll find packages of small papier-mache heart boxes that are just the right size to hold a handful of chocolates or a few non-sweet treats. I picked up a package of three and decided to give them each a different look with craft supplies I had on hand.

If you’re looking for ideas for valentines boxes for kids, you’ve come to the right spot. These are fun crafts to do for kids – and your child can easily get involved, too, customizing these little DIY valentine surprise.


  • Papier-mache heart boxes
  • Acrylic craft paint (your child’s color choice)
  • Paintbrush
  • Decorations (buttons, stickers, washi tape, markers, additional paint, googly eyes, etc.)
  • A variety of glues, from all-purpose glue to hot glue


Have your child start out by painting the box lid and bottom separately. Let each piece dry and add another coat, if desired. Your child can paint the inside of the box as well; just make sure the outside has dried completely before handling. It’s important to make sure the piece is TOTALLY dry before putting the lid back on – otherwise, it could stick together during the drying process!

Heart Treat Box #1: Button Box

Craft stores offer so many valentine-themed buttons right now that your child will have lots to choose from. Or raid your button jar for buttons in your child’s favorite color scheme. Use hot glue to attach the buttons to the top and/or sides of the box.

Heart Treat Box #2: Washi Tape Sticker Box

Give that treat box some sparkle with glitzy washi tape and stickers. This box features a few pieces of Paper Source’s Luxe Gold Glitter Tape on the front along with an “XOXO” sticker.

Heart Treat Box #3: Googly Eye Box

Rounding out our list of valentine craft box ideas: Create a wacky buddy with a set of googly eyes glued to the top of the box. The bigger, the better (and funnier!)

When the decorating is complete, fill each box with a favorite treat. Looking for a non-candy option? Try stickers or heart-shaped erasers to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme. Magic: Perfect kid-friendly valentine crafts.


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