DIY Duct Tape Notebook

Kids love duct tape crafts? Here's another one to try with Transparent Tints from Duck Brand.

It seems like every time you pay a visit to the craft supply store, there’s a new type of duct tape available to add to your craft stash! There are rolls celebrating your favorite university, a roll for your favorite scent, and even a roll for each and every holiday. If you can think of an occasion, there’s probably some glittery, fun duct tape to be had. New to that list are Transparent Tints from Duck Brand.

This new offering from the popular duct tape manufacturer allows the crafter to add some color to an art project while still be able to see the contents underneath it.

The tape allows just enough light to shine through to make decorating boxes, school supplies and more visible.

Available in lime, aqua and fuchsia, the colors take on an even greater neon tone when set against a white background. I put them to work to make a DIY notebook as we wrap up a few weeks of sending snail mail during National Letter Writing Month.


  • Duck Brand Transparent Tints in lime, aqua and fuchsia
  • Duck Brand duct tape in black
  • Two pieces of white cardstock
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Hole punch
  • Non-stick scissors
  • 1″ binder rings


Start out by cutting off a piece of duct tape that’s longer than your piece of paper. Line the tape up to the edge of the paper and smooth into place.

Use your scissors to trim off the excess tape.

Continue adding your duct tape, alternating the Transparent Tints colors to create a stripe design on your paper, trimming the excess tape as you go.

Once your stripes are all set, it’s time to add the black duct tape to the cover to create a border. Once again cutting off a piece of tape that’s longer than each side of the paper, add the black tape to each side, folding over in half to seal onto the back. Trim the excess tape. Repeat the exact same process with your other piece of cardstock so that you have a front and back cover for your notebook.

To create the holes for your notebook rings, use a piece of loose leaf paper as a punching guide. Center the paper in the middle of the cover and punch three holes down one side. Repeat for the other cover.

With your holes punched, it’s time to fill your notebook! Place a stack of paper on top of the back cover and then add the front cover. Slide a binder ring through each hole and snap shut.

Your notebook is ready for writing! As you can see, the Transparent Tint duct tape adds just the right amount of color to a plain white background. What will you try decorating a tape like this with?


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