Duct Tape Crafts: Duct Tape Toolbox for Kids

March is just a few days away. Do you know what that means? It’s officially National Craft Month! While there are no official activities or events to take part in this month, there is one thing crafters of all ages can all do – makes lots and lots of craft projects. With such a focus on DIY, it’s a great time to take a look at your children’s craft supply stash. Anything low or missing? Now is the time to restock. It’s also a great time to get organized so that your children can find their supplies whenever inspiration strikes.

Last fall I showed your children how they could make their own small back-to-school art caddy by upcycling an empty snack box. With a similar mindset, your children can create a much larger version by recycling an empty mailing box. With a roll of duct tape and craft tools to store, it doesn’t take long to make an oversized toolbox – one of the really cool duct tape crafts.


  • Empty mailing box
  • Duct tape in various colors and patterns
  • Duct tape-friendly scissors
  • Rope or cording

Start out by cutting off the box flaps and setting them aside.

Next, start wrapping the box in duct tape. Start at the top of the box and work your way down to the bottom, overlapping the tape as you work.

Have fun with the design. Try alternating different colors, cutting out shapes, etc. You can also add duct tape to the bottom of the box, too.

Add duct tape to the inside of the toolbox. This helps give the box even more stability, so feel free to add the tape to the bottom and sides, if you like.

Take one of the long box flaps you set aside and wrap that in duct tape just like you did the box.

Insert the covered flap into the box; it should fit snuggly. You’re now creating a divider for the toolbox.

To keep the divider secure inside the box, add duct tape brackets to either side of the divider on both the top and bottom of each end.

Add any additional decorations at this time. You can fold over a piece of duct tape around the top of the box to cover any exposed cardboard.

Add a handle to the toolbox by cutting a length of rope or cord to your desired length. Tape onto the outside of the box with two pieces of duct tape. Smooth away any wrinkles and the handle is set.


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