Embroidery Hoop Craft: Make a No-Sew Wall Pocket

Love no-sew projects? Here are step-by-step directions to craft this wall pocket at home.

Embroidery hoops are a needlecraft supply staple, but they also double as inexpensive frames for favorite pieces of fabric, showcasing a souvenir patch brought back from vacation, or even a way to show off a collection of buttons, just to name a few DIY ways. Embroidery hoops are also perfect for serving as small canvases for no-sew projects for your child to expand upon. When a colorful piece of fabric is added to a stretched piece of fabric, your child has the makings of a colorful wall pocket to hide notes or show off a favorite small toy.



To get started, cut a piece of white cotton fabric into an 8.5″ x 9.5″ rectangle. From the felt, cut a rectangle that’s 3″ x 4″.

Next, use your pinking shears to add a decorative trim to the top of the pocket.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the sides and bottom of the pocket. Don’t put any glue along the pinked edge – that’s the pocket opening!

Center your embroidery hoop in the middle of your fabric. Place your pocket into the center of the hoop and press into place. Let the glue dry completely. Once the glue has dried, place your cotton into the embroidery hoop and screw tight, pulling the fabric as you go to make the surface as taut as possible. Trim the excess fabric off the back, leaving a 1/4″ edge.

Turn the embroidery hoop over and apply a thin line of glue on the wood all the way around the surface. Gently fold the fabric edge over and press into the glue. Again, let the glue dry completely.

When the glue is dried on the back, your pocket frame is ready to hang. For bigger toys or special treasures, try picking a larger frame and increasing the pocket size. Experiment with cutting a square instead of a rectangle, too.


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