Father’s Day High Five Handmade Card Project

How do your children celebrate their dad on Father’s Day? Is it a special breakfast first thing in the morning? What about a special movie night watching dad’s favorite flick? From big family dinners to a visit to the local ice cream shop, there’s no wrong way for your children to tell dad how much they love him. Get ready for this weekend by having your child make a DIY Father’s Day (with some help from our printable) card that not only reminds dad he’s the best around, but captures a moment in time thanks to the card’s handprint design.


  • Cardstock in your choice of colors
  • Father’s Day printables PDF (click image at right)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive foam squares
  • Glue stick
  • Ink pad, finger paint (optional)


1. Fold a full sheet of cardstock in half to create your card. Make sure it’s been creased well along the card’s fold. Round the corners, if you like.
2. Next, download and print out our printables messaging. (Pick from one of our four colors for the card’s color scheme.) Cut out the messages on the solid line and set aside.
3. Trace your child’s hand onto a piece of cardstock and cut out.
4. Attach the hand to the front of card by using a few foam adhesive squares on the back of the hand’s palm. Position the hand so that the fingers just slightly extend beyond the paper. Attach the “Dad … ” cutout to the front, as well. Back it with a matching piece of cardstock in the same color you used for the hand.
5. Complete the card by attaching the inside greeting to the inside of the card with a glue stick. Again, back with matching cardstock. Your child can sign her name, or add an additional message, just below the inside greeting.


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