Flameless Menorah Wooden Bulb Family Craft

Paint, hot glue and a couple extra crafting supplies is all it takes to create this safe family Hanukkah project that kids, parents and grandparents will enjoy.

Happy Hanukkah! This flameless menorah is safe for all ages to handle – and allows all generations to share the importance of the menorah with one another as your crafters work on making this project.


  • Wooden bulbs with flat bottoms (found in the wood crafting aisle at the craft store)
  • Wooden discs, slightly larger than the size you selected for your bulbs
  • Acrylic paint in blue, light blue and white
  • Paper straws
  • Foam brush
  • Hot glue and hot-glue gun
  • Candle stencil or candle sticker


1. Start out by gathering your supplies. We used smaller wooden bulbs for the candles and a slightly larger bulb for the shamash (ninth candle).

2. On the bottom of the bulbs, you’ll notice a hole. Take a paper straw, crimp one end and wedge into the hole. This will act like a Popsicle stick for you to hold as you paint the bulbs. It also helps with drying, too! Paint the bulbs blue and the discs light blue. Let dry.

3. Once dry, apply your candle decoration to one side. We used a candle stencil we have and painted our candles white, but you can use stickers or even paint your own candle, freehand, onto each bulb.

4. When the painting is dry on both the discs and bulbs, apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the disc and place the bulb on top, pressing firmly. Let cool.

5. You can arrange your flameless candles on the mantle, on a pretty silver tray or make a matching plate to display them on.

6. Face the candles, except for the shamash, inward so they’re not showing. Each night, turn one around to show off the candle artwork.


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