Fourth of July Bike Decorations

Add a little red, white and blue to your ride in honor of the holiday with these four bike decoration ideas.

There’s really no wrong way to decorate your bike for a local Fourth of July parade! You can either keep it simple with a few streamers, or go completely over the top, making sure your bike is completely covered in red, white and blue decor, just like blogger Lia Griffith did. This week’s roundup has a few ideas to get your kids thinking about their design plan for this year’s Fourth of July festivities.

Patriotic Crepe Paper Pompoms

Make just a few or make a lot of these cute accessories! 100 Directions shows you how to make this simple holiday decoration.

Independence Day Printables

The Crafting Chicks have your bike decorations covered! Check out this patriotic printable on their blog so that your child can add a fun banner to the front of their bike.

Star Spangled Waver

When the parade has reached the end, have your child give a big salute to those watching the bikes go by. Le Top shows you how to make this charming patriotic wand.

Fourth of July Decorations

Classic Play has a decoration that works for bikes of all sizes. Make this impressive tissue paper burst that can be used on the front of a tricycle or clipped to the side of a bike basket.


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