Friendship Slap Bracelets Craft

If I had to pick two of the most popular accessories of the late 1980s and early 1990s, they would be handmade friendship bracelets and slap bracelets. Both are still as popular as ever, thanks to kits like My Friendship Bracelet Maker. You can teach a whole new generation how to make friendship bracelets with just a few strands of thread. And to combine the best of both worlds, a slap bracelet comes in to make this project even more fun!


  • Embroidery floss (three different colors)
  • 1 plain slap bracelet
  • Scissors
  • Small beanbags or pattern weights
  • Tape
  • Strong glue (I used epoxy)


1. Start off by cutting three long strands of embroidery floss. Tie a knot in the thread, leaving about two inches of tail at one end.

2. Next, separate the three strands. Take the first strand on the left and shape it to look like the number four.
3. Pull the thread you shaped up toward the top of the holding knot.
4. Repeat this process for the center and right-sided strand.
5. Keep knotting the three strands like this until you’ve made about 4 inches of bracelet. When you’re done, knot the strands like you did to start the bracelet. Trim off the excess threads.
6. Tip: It’s OK if the design starts to curl as you’re working on it. To keep the strands from getting twisted on you, use small beanbags to weigh down the bracelet.
7. You’re almost done. Mix up a small amount of glue and add two drops onto the slap bracelet. Place each knotted end on the glue dot. Let the glue dry completely.

8. Once the bracelet is dry, you’re ready to show it off.

Did you make this project? Share with the web! Just email a photo of your creation to me, I’ll feature it in a future Make It blog.


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