Gobble Game: Pom-Pom Color Matching Turkey Craft

Make It believes nothing brings the crew together quite like a good game (be sure to check out our personalized spin on the classic matching game Memory)! Keeping in the spirit of DIY games that keep crafters occupied during the November holidays, it’s helpful to have several simple projects on hand for Thanksgiving Day – like this color-matching creation. Our pom-pom matching game is part activity, part Thanksgiving art project (if your crafters so desire!). Turn the game into an autumn wall hanging by gluing the pom-poms into place and popping the finished product into a colorful frame without the glass.


  • White or cream card stock
  • Black marker
  • Pom-poms in primary colors, large and small sizes
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Bowl
  • Crayons and additional markers (optional)
  • Elmer’s Glue (optional)
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Frame (optional)


1. Start by tracing your child’s hand onto a piece of card stock. For a true kid DIY approach, have them trace their own hand on the paper.
2. Add a curved line to separate the “feathers” (fingers) from the turkey “body” (palm). Write the name of each color you’ll be using onto the paper. For young crafters who aren’t reading yet, make a color code chart by coloring a small rectangle on each part of the turkey to help them with identification. Add a turkey-friendly phrase like “gobble!” to the top of the paper, too. Don’t forget to draw the turkey legs!
3. Place the pom-poms in a bowl to keep them from flying across the table. Explain the activity to your crafters; if you’ve decided to make this a permanent art project, have the children apply a small dot of glue to each pom-pom before positioning onto the card stock.
4. Experiment with different size pom-poms as part of play.
5. Once the matching activity is done, save the pom-poms in a sandwich baggy for future play. If you went the art route, have the crafters add a googly eye, beak and wattle to the thumb tip of the turkey. Frame and display.


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