Hooray for Spring Paper Wreath Using Oh Joy! for Target

At the top of my “bloggers I have a crush on” list is Joy Cho of Oh Joy! She’s a designer, owner of her own graphic design studio and mom to one of the cutest kids on Instagram, Ruby. As we mentioned last month on Make It, Joy recently launched a line of party accessories for Target under its Spritz umbrella. Oh Joy! for Target offers everything you might need for a delightful celebration, from paper plates to polka dot trash bags.

Not only do the items from Joy’s new line make any party even more fun, they’re perfect for everyday use, too – including crafting. With spring’s official arrival March 20, there seems to be just a bit more sunshine and a few more birds chirping around metro Detroit. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m all for saying “hooray!” to spring and celebrating its presence in style. You can, too, thanks to Joy’s paper party accessories.

We’ve taken a few of her popular decorating supplies and turned them into a bright wreath that you can make for a party at your house or as a Saturday afternoon project with your family.



Set out your floral ring on a paint-safe surface.

As your wreath form is drying, you can prep your decorating supplies.

Start out by painting your floral ring. (I used a pale green color this time around.) Paint both the front and back of the form, as well as the inner and outside edges. Let dry completely.
Remove the flower decals from the packages and remove the gummy adhesive off of the flower backs.
Do likewise for the polka dots.
For the cake toppers, remove the wooden skewers from the paper letters. You should be able to pull them out; if you come across a stubborn skewer, simply cut it off with scissors.
Arrange your polka dots on your wreath form and position into place with hot glue.
To create your a line for your “hooray” letters, cut a length of fishing line so that it reaches from either of the of wreath form in the center. You want it to be taut. Apply a liberal amount of hot glue to attach the string.
Add the “H” and “Y” to either side of the front of the wreath form with hot glue.
Add the rest of your letters to the fishing line. Adhere the letters by adding hot glue to the center or sides of the letters and pressing onto the fishing line.
You may need to hold the letters in place for a few seconds as the glue cools.
Finish your wreath by gluing your paper flowers into place. Add a piece of ribbon for hanging, if you like.

For family fun and inspiration, make sure to follow Joy on Instagram.


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