How to Make a Drip-Dye Flower Pot

Transform a basic flower pot into a work-of-art with a pack of liquid dyes from Target's Handmade Modern line.

Sometimes you find craft supplies and DIY inspiration in the most surprising locations. I’ve been finding all sorts of craft supplies for makers of all ages at Target recently, thanks in part to their Hand- and Kid-Made Modern lines. This past week was no exception. A pack of vibrant liquid dyes, suitable for more porous surfaces, caught my attention. What could you do with this? A quick glance down the aisle to the collection’s offering of natural wood supplies and I had my project, much to my garden’s joy: a drip-dye flower pot.

The basic colors are meant to help stain natural surfaces like wood and even burlap. The thin liquid dries a bit faster than paint and the colors pop really, really well. Instead of worrying about painting a special design this time around, let your child’s inner artist shine as they create new color combinations and designs by dripping each color over and over again.



To get started, prepare your dye work space. Cover your area with several newspapers and then a layer of wax paper on top. Turn the wooden flower pot over and position on top of your work space. Finally, pour a small amount of each of the dyes into small paper cups.

To create a pouring area on the cup, gently cinch the top of the cup opening.

It’s time to start dripping! For the first drip, pour a small amount of dye on the bottom of the pot’s base, letting it run down the sides. Make sure to wear plastic gloves! The dye will wash off, but it’s best to stay as clean as you can while working.

Keep adding additional drips of color all around the base of the pot. Using a small paintbrush, experiment by splattering paint onto the surface or adding other designs. When you’re finished adding color, let the pot dry completely.

With the dyes dry, it’s time to give your pot a new plant! Add a small plant to show off your new flower pot. Add some fairy garden accessories to the finished piece, if you like. We added some bright green moss to our pot; what will you add?


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