How to Make a Fall Leaf Wreath

After many days of weather reaching, or even breaking, record-level numbers, fall feels like it’s back in the air again. There’s chillier weather all around us! As the temperatures continue to drop that means the leaves are making their final fall to the ground, too, if they haven’t already. Your child can capture the leaves-all-around-us spirit by making a simple wreath to hang on a bedroom door this month.

For this week’s project I used a pack of Target’s Handmade Modern canvas leaves. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, perfect for making a unique-looking finished product. If the canvas leaves aren’t your style, use this leaf shape printable from Live Craft Eat, featured in this week’s project roundup, and have your child make their own leaves out of paper scraps, construction paper, etc. It’s all up to you!


  • Chipboard wreath form
  • Canvas leaves or your own DIY leaves; if making your own, you’ll need the printable leaf template and paper
  • All-purpose glue
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Waxed paper
  • Fall-themed embellishments (optional)


Start out by gathering the leaves you’re going to use for your wreath. Try mixing unexpected colors together! If you’re making your own, create them now.

Start putting your first round of leaves onto your chipboard frame.

Apply a thin line of glue to the back of the leaf and then place it onto the form.

Keep adding leaves to go all the way around the form.

To build up the leaves on the wreath, add a second layer, if you like.

To make sure the glue has made a strong bond to the form, place two pieces of waxed paper on top of the wreath. Place books on top of the paper to help weigh down the leaves to the chipboard. Let the wreath dry completely.

Once the glue has dried, remove the books and waxed paper. Cut a length of ribbon and glue to the back of the form using your hot glue gun.

Add any additional fall embellishments, like these small wooden leaves, to the wreath. Once that’s complete your wreath is ready for display.


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