How to Make an ‘Awesome Mom’ Ribbon for Mother’s Day

Craft one of these ribbons for the special lady in your life – whether it's mom, an aunt, grandma or cousin.

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 8, now’s the time to make sure you’ve got a great gift for mom! Whether it’s something from a favorite store or made in art class by your junior crafter, a gift presented with love and a lot of smiles is sure to be a hit on Mother’s Day. If you’re looking to add a little bit more of a DIY touch to the present, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to add a handmade card to the gift, check out Paper Source’s Mother’s Day Card Kit. They’ve done the hard work of coming up with charming designs to choose from as well as providing all the papers you’ll need. All you add are a few basic crafting supplies. This kit is versatile enough that it includes a card from grandma as well as sayings that could work for anyone who plays a mom role in your child’s life.

If you’re looking for stamps to add to a gift’s wrap, Paper Source has several to choose from, like this brush script option. My favorite stamp this year is the “Awesome Mom” offering. Because, after all, moms are pretty awesome. This stamp made me think of presenting awards to the awesome moms I know, so that’s where this week’s project comes in. If you want to let a special mom in your child’s life know that she’s worthy of a major award, make one for her! This blue ribbon can be turned into a pin, as we did, or added to the top of a present, glued onto a magnet, or simply presented as is.


  • “Awesome Mom” stamp
  • Ink pad
  • White cardstock
  • Blue cupcake liner
  • 2.5″ circle punch
  • Glue stick or tape runner
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Wooden craft disc
  • Pinback
  • Blue ribbon – 16″ in length


To get started, gently flatten your cupcake liner. It doesn’t need to be totally flat.

Next, stamp your “Awesome Mom” phrase onto your piece of cardstock. Once the ink is dry, slide the stamped image into your paper punch. Use the opening on the back of the punch to center the design and punch out.

Apply your glue stick or tape runner to the back of the stamped circle.

Adhere to the center of the cupcake liner.

Fold the piece of ribbon in half. Add a small dot of glue to keep the ribbon strands secure. Add an additional small amount of hot glue to attach the folded ribbon to one side of the wooden craft disc.

To finish the award pin, attach the cupcake liner on top of the ribbon that you’ve adhered to the wooden disc with hot glue. Let cool. Turn the disc over and add your pinback (or magnet, if you prefer). Press the pinback into place and once again let cool.


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