How to Make First Day of School Signs for Kids

There are so many different ways to record your child’s first day back at school. You can bet that your Facebook newsfeed is about to become packed with pictures of smiling faces in the coming weeks. We’ve made a sign in the past here on the blog, but a new school year brings a new idea! Thanks to a plain wooden block meant for adding a graphic quote to, you can make a new sign for your children to hold on picture day all by yourself or work on it together just in time for the bus to arrive.

Accenting this school sign is a set of letters cut out of cork. The versatile crafter’s material reminds parents and grandparents of corkboards in school, giving the sign just an extra hint of classroom nostalgia.


  • Wooden craft block (size is up to you – we used a block sized just under 8-by-10 inches)
  • Craft paint and foam brush
  • Cork pre-cut alphabet letters
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue and glue gun


Start out by painting your wooden block the color of your choice. Let dry and add another coat, if desired. If you’d like to make this sign double duty and have the back say “Last Day” paint both sides of the block.

Next, add your letters. Space out the letters before adding glue to the back and attaching to one side of the block. Let the glue cool off and dry. If you’re adding a second side to the sign, make sure to add the letters now before moving onto the crayon border.

To give color to the sign, create a border all around the wooden block by gluing crayons together. Start on one end corner and work your way around the piece, building up the crayons as you go to give it dimension. Be careful when you’re gluing; don’t add hot glue directly to the tip of the crayon or you’ll melt the wax! Just a small dot of glue somewhere on the crayon’s paper wrapper is all that’s needed. Let the glue dry and remove any loose glue strings. Add another crayon border to the opposite side of the sign if you’ve been making a double-duty version.


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