How to Make ‘Giving Thanks’ Bookmarks

Thanksgiving is always such a welcomed time of year as not only does it bring family and friends together to share a good meal with one another, but gives us all some much needed time to think about what we’re most thankful for this year. It’s an important concept to have children embrace, too. Whether it’s letting a teacher know how much they mean to your child or just a silly note to a best buddy, encouraging children to get in on the Thanksgiving spirit can be easy to do.

If you’re on the hunt for cute Thanksgiving-related stamps that are sure to appeal to the junior crafters in your house, look no further than Stampin! Up. Their Thankful Forest Friends set is just playful enough that it works for us grown-up crafters to use and also share with children.

With these stamps at your side, there are lots of ways for your child to create a handmade note or gift to share with someone special. This week we’re using the stamps to create bookmarks that your child can hand out. Stamped with a cute animal and Thanksgiving message on the front, the back can be used for your child to sign their name and even add a personalized message to the recipient.


  • Thankful Forest Friends stamp set
  • Card stock in white a variety of fall colors (we used green and yellow)
  • Skinny ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Small paper trimmer
  • Ink pads (your choice of colors)


Prep the bookmark making by cutting the pieces of card stock to the following sizes with your paper trimmer:

Bookmark base: 3.5-inches by 7-inches
Bookmark center: 3.25-inches by 6-inches
Bookmark front (white paper): 3-inches by 5.5-inches

Assemble the bookmark by gluing the center piece to the base and then the front to the center.

Stamp and decorate the front of the bookmark. Pair an animal character with a Thanksgiving saying. Try coloring in the stamps or adding more decorative touches, if you like.

Punch a hole toward the top of the bookmark. Cut an 11-inch piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and feed it through the hole to create a ribbon tassel. Finish the bookmark by adding a message on the back.


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