How to Make Ombre Dinosaur Notecards

Step-by-step directions for creating these dino-tastic notecards with your kids.

With school just a few days away from starting for many children around metro Detroit, schedules are about to become very busy! One fun activity that’s sure to top many busy to-do lists is a classmate’s birthday party. If your child loves creating unique pieces of art with stamps, encourage them to make their own birthday cards this school year. Do you need lots of supplies on hand to make a great card? Not really, thanks to Stampin’ Up! and their ombre stampin’ ink pads.

Each ink pad is actually divided into five individual mini ink pads that go from dark to light shades. So, one ombre ink pad is actually a collection on many ink pads rolled into one.

Your child can create a whole rainbow of effects with the ink pads. Stamping the ink pad in circular motions creates a blended effect.

Stamping an image in individual sections of the ink pad gives a collection of colors all across the paper. It’s really up to your imagination as you work with the supplies. Take a look at this video see more techniques in action.

To encourage your child to experiment with different colors to see the various effects that are created, have him create a set of dinosaur-themed birthday cards to have on hand for this year’s party season. Working with acrylic stamps and stamping blocks allows your child to practice lining up his work and switching in between shapes and sizes as they create.

To create a small, silly card try these supplies:

For the 3.5-by-5″ folded card, cut a piece of the festive birthday paper into a 3-by-4.5″ rectangle and a piece of white cardstock into a 2.5-by-4″ rectangle.

Use the white cardstock for the stamping canvas. Pair a birthday greeting with each dinosaur, adding in other small stamp designs so that the card is a one-of-a-kind design.

Once the design has been completed on the white cardstock, attach it to the patterned paper with a glue stick. On the back of the patterned paper, add a few adhesive 3D foam squares to make the design pop off the front of the folded notecard.

As your child works through their cards, don’t forget to encourage them to try blending the ombre colors around to see how they turn out. It’s a craft project with a hint of exploration paired with it, resulting in one fun birthday card their classmate is sure to enjoy.


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