How to Make Your Own Halloween Treat Bags

When it comes to Halloween night, do your neighbors do anything extra special for your children as they head out to trick-or-treat? In my neighborhood growing up our closest neighbors often surprised us with homemade cupcakes or even a small bag of assorted candies. While it’s rare to see baked goods handed out these days, putting together a small bag of candy or non-food treats is still a lot of fun to make and give out. A small bag of surprises is also fun for children to present to a best friend or present to everyone in their classroom.

A roll of plain white wrapping paper and some adorable stamps is what your child will need to make some spooky-cute DIY treat bags this Halloween.

Without a doubt my two favorite Halloween stamp sets this year are Stampin’ Up!’s Haunt Ya Later and Sweet Hauntings offerings. How can you not love a precocious-looking mini vampire?! The Sweet Hauntings set has fun potions designs that are perfect for treat bags this season.

To make these simple treat bags, just download our template, gather your supplies and dream about what goodies to put inside the bags once they’re decorated.


  • Treat bag template (download the one to the right)
  • Heavier cardstock
  • White wrapping paper
  • Halloween stamp sets
  • Ink pads
  • Glue stick or tape runner
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears or zigzag craft scissors
  • Markers, color pencils, crayons (optional)
  • Pencil


Start out by printing out the bag template and tracing onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out the template. Thanks to the heavier weight of the cardstock, you’ve got a template your child can reuse over and over again. Trace the cardstock template onto a piece of the wrapping paper and cut out with scissors.

Next, fold the two bag flaps toward the center of the bag. Fold up the bottom flap last. This is helping to shape the bag for assembly.

To create the bag, fold the right flap in toward the center of the bag again. Run a line of glue or tape down the edge that’s in the center. Make sure to do this on the flap that’s facing toward you and not the inside of the bag – you don’t want to glue to the bag shut! On the left flap, apply a line of glue down the edge that IS facing toward the bag center. Run your hand over the flaps to create a bond. Apply glue to the inside of the bottom bag flap, fold up and adhere.

The back of your bag should now look like this. Cut just a little bit of the top of the bag off with your pinking or craft scissors. The bag assembly is all set – now it’s time to stamp!

Have fun stamping the front of the bags. You can leave the stamped designs plain or color them in with markers, colored pencils or crayons. Try adding a silly saying to the front or mix stamp designs together.

Wondering what you should put inside of the treat bag? Mini candies and chocolates are always fun, especially with the Halloween designs you can find at most stores right now. If you want to avoid food, look for mini sticker sheets, small erasers or even tiny glow sticks.


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