Kid-Friendly Matzo Recipes for Passover

Yup, Matzo S'mores!

For people of the Jewish faith, Passover is a time of religious significance. Eating matzo  – also known as matzah or unleavened bread products – is one way to remember that Passover and celebrate Jewish heritage. These recipes use matzo in kid-friendly dishes like granola and grilled cheese. Finish your meal off with matzo s’mores or chocolate caramel matzo.

Matzo Granola

The recipe is easy to make – simply toss together crushed matzo, nuts, safflower oil, brown sugar, honey and salt. Bake. Stir in dried fruit. Serve to smiling kiddos.

Find the recipe from Martha Stewart.

Matzo Grilled Cheese

You can use matzo in place of bread to make matzo grilled cheese. Brush butter on the matzos and place cheddar cheese in between pieces before putting the entire sandwich into a panini press.

Get the recipe from Yum Sugar.

Matzo Nachos

Swap the chips for matzo and load it up with your favorite nacho toppings. Brush matzos with butter and broil to make matzo chips. Melt your favorite cheese and serve with your desired toppings and dips.

Get the recipe at What Jew Wanna Eat.  

Matzo Pizza

The folks at What Jew Wanna Eat remind you that Matzo Pizza is the best part of Passover, and the recipe for two kinds of pizza will keep kids smiling.

Get the recipe at What Jew Wanna Eat.

Matzo-Crusted Chicken Cutlets

It can be difficult to feed picky eaters during passover. Enter matzo-crusted chicken. Serve chicken cutlets as an entree, or cut into strips or nuggets for a tasty snack that kids will love.

Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

Matzo Lasagna

Layer matzo pieces instead of pasta sheets to make this matzo lasagna. Use marinara, ricotta cheese, spinach, and a combination of Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses to complete the dish.

Find the recipe at Albion Cooks.

Matzo S’mores

Break out the marshmallows! Here’s a fun way to craft matzo into something marvelous for your kids. These matzo s’mores are prepared more like brownies than your campfire variety. But they capture all the flavor of this classic dessert.

Find the yummy recipe at Serious Eats.

Chocolate Caramel Matzo

These chocolate caramel matzo pieces  taste more like some kind of toffee candy. Matzos are layered on a cookie sheet then draped with homemade caramel followed by chocolate. Add your favorite toppings like coconut, pecans or even sprinkles.

Get your chocolate fix at Zoe Bakes.

Chocolate Marshmallow Matzo Bark

This tasty matzo bark is loaded with chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles and everything good! Melt chocolate and spread it over the matzo. Add your yummy toppings, then place in the freezer to harden. Break into pieces then serve after at your seder or pack in your child’s lunchbox.

Get the recipe at The Colorful Kitchen.

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