Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Rochester Hills

Even your picky eaters will fall in love with these family dining spots.

In the heart of Rochester Hills, Michigan, families can find delightful dining experiences tailored to young palates. These eateries not only serve up scrumptious meals but also provide vibrant kid-friendly environments.

From whimsical Mickey Mouse pancakes to savory soft tacos, the carefully crafted kid’s menus are designed to please even the pickiest eaters. Check out these family-friendly restaurants in Rochester Hills.

Georgio’s Pizza & Pasta

Stop into this location in downtown Rochester. They offer a “Stuffed VIP Pizza,” which is a crusted pizza stuffed with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, genoa salami, meatballs and mozzarella cheese. Their kid’s menu is for ages 12 and under and features chicken tenders and fries, fettuccini with Alfredo sauce and spaghetti with tomato basil.

Half Day Cafe

This family-friendly restaurant offers breakfast and lunch and has items like chicken fries and grilled cheese on the menu, making it the ideal place to go for a family outing. The kids’ menu’s starting price is $7.50.

Kruse & Muer in the Village

This local spot is a favorite for kids – especially because they let them color with crayons on the tablecloth while they wait for their meal. Their kids menu features buttered noodles, chicken Alfredo, fettuccini Alfredo, chicken tenders, chicken tortellini, Teriiyaki chicken and an individual size pizza. Has another family-friendly location in in Rochester Hills – Kruse & Muer on Main.

Lipuma’s Coney Island

Photo credit: Lipuma’s Coney Island

This family-owned hot dog restaurant is located in downtown Rochester. If your kids love hot dogs and fries, this is one of the best spots to check out. They have a variety of specialty dogs including the Bacon dog, Chicago, Russian dog, Mexican dog, coney dog and more. You can also add chili and cheese to your French fries to upgrade your meal.

Los Gatos Tacos

In addition to a range of authentic Mexican dishes for adult palates, this restaurant offers a unique kids’ menu with favorites including quesadillas, chicken tacos and cheese nachos.  While waiting for your order, it’s likely that there will be kid-friendly activities available, such coloring books and crayons, to keep the small ones occupied.


Soft tacos, quesadillas, and taquitos are among the kid-friendly menu items that this restaurant provides for family dining occasions. Prices for kids meals range from $6.50 to $8.50 and include a drink and one side dish of your choice. These kid-sized portions are perfect for small appetites and even picky eaters may enjoy it.

The Jagged Fork

A menu customized for young children can be found at this restaurant. Families that want to have a fun eating adventure often choose this location because of the lively environment on an evening out. The delightful choices on the “Little Forks” kid’s menu, including Mickey Mouse pancakes and chicken tenders, are sure to please youngsters.

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Darlene A. White
Darlene A. White
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