Kids’ Binoculars Toilet Roll Craft

Craft these make-believe binoculars with your kids in honor of National Get Outdoors Day in June.

Has your family celebrated National Get Outdoors Day before? Led by the USDA Forest Service and the American Recreation Coalition, the day encourages families to enjoy a day of being active. While several locations in Michigan are offering activities on June 11, you don’t need to head to an official party to create some of your own official family fun outdoors! Your backyard is a great place to start, especially when your children are equipped with an essential outdoor exploring accessory: a set of toilet paper tube binoculars.


  • Two empty toilet paper tubes
  • Construction paper or wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Assorted stickers
  • Black washi tape
  • Hole punch
  • Rope or string


Start out by preparing the construction or wrapping paper (your choice!) for your child by cutting out two 4″ x 7″ rectangles.

Next, apply a piece of double-sided tape to each end of the rectangle.

Place a toilet paper tube on end and press down onto the tape. Slowly start rolling the tube so that the paper has covered the entire piece.

When you reach the end, press the other taped end into place. Repeat for the second tube.

To cover the raw edges of the toilet paper tube you’ll add a ring of washi tape to each end. Wrap around each tube end with just a little bit of tape hanging over the edge.

Fold the overlapped washi tape into the inside of the tube. Repeat for the other toilet paper tube.

Attach the tubes to one another by placing a long length of double-sided tape to the side of one tube. Press the tubes together.

Decorate your make-believe binoculars with the stickers of your choice, or other embellishments your child enjoys!

Finish your binoculars by punching a hole in the side of each tube. Cut a length or rope long enough to go over your child’s head. Thread each end through the holes, tie a tight knot and trim off the excess rope. With that last step your child is ready to head outside and let his imagination run wild on National Get Outdoors Day.


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