Kitchen Tools and Gadgets You Can Use for Crafting

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully your day is spent with family and friends enjoying favorite traditions. If you’re contributing to the meal today, take a second and glance around your kitchen. Have you ever thought to look for craft tools in here before? Well, from bowls and wraps to spoons and bags, everyday kitchen supplies make fantastic crafting tools. I’ve picked some of my kitchen must-haves that you’ll want to add to your craft supply closet. No need to spend a lot of money on these: Try the Dollar Spot at Target, a neighbor’s garage sale or even the thrift store.

Bowls and Glasses

I keep a few different-sized bowls and glasses in my craft room. It’s great to have dedicated, non-food bowls for mixing paints, glues, etc. The top of a pint glass is a wonderful size for tracing circles – or as a prop to let tall craft projects dry.

Storage Containers

If you’re upgrading your storage containers, now is a great time to give them a second life in your craft arsenal of tools. Try to get a variety of sizes, from very small to oversized, to help store small items such as sequins, googly eyes and even bottles of craft paint.

Measuring Cup

If your art project calls for mixing papier-mache or other creations that demand precise amounts, a measuring cup is a must! A small- to medium-size cup is perfect.

Work Surface Savers

I have extra rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and freezer paper dedicated specifically to my craft closet. These lunchtime staples are great for protecting a work surface, especially if the project is extra messy. Freezer paper is an ideal painting surface, as the paint is less likely to stick to the glossy top as it dries. No matter how messy the surface becomes, all you have to do is wrap it up and throw it out.

Small bar or cheese boards are also great to have on hand when cutting clay or using a craft knife.

Kitchen Tools

This list could be endless! Another go-to is a cheese grater. If you make your own candles, keep one handy for shaving wax blocks. Old spatulas and spoons are perfect for craft mixing. And toothpicks? They can be used to help tidy up a paint spill or add the smallest drop of glue.

What else would you add to this list? Do you have a favorite tool you and your children can’t live without?


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