MakersKit Review: Dinosaur Kids Terrarium Craft Kit

I love finding new crafting kits and subscription services to share with Make It fans, and over the years, I've shared some of my favorites from time to time. I'm excited this week to add MakersKit to my roster of favorite online kit creators, a group I stumbled upon by way of P.S. I Made This …. MakersKit is for crafters of all ages, and that's what appeals to me the most. You don't have to purchase a kid-specific kit, because many of their products are friendly enough for the whole family to work on.

After seeing MakersKit collaboration with P.S. I Made This … for a neon-inspired hanging terrarium, I was definitely curious. I purchased the Terrarium Supply MakersKit to try one on my own. The kit came with everything I needed to make my own terrarium; all I needed to do was the supply the vessel. Paired with YouTube how-to videos to guide you through the making process, I had a terrarium in minutes and wanted to make more. MANY more!

I asked MakersKit if I could share their Dinosaur Terrarium MakersKit Kids, and they were more than happy to oblige. I mean, a dinosaur-themed terrarium? That works for me!

What exactly is inside? A lot! You get rocks, soil, flower seeds, several different types of moss and, of course, several plastic dinosaur figures to choose from. The plastic jar is the terrarium itself.
How do you assemble the terrarium? Well, there are several great how-to videos online, but for this particular kit, it couldn't be easier. Have your child start by pouring the rocks into the jar and making sure they're level.
Next, add the soil. I used a spoon to pack my down a bit.
This terrarium kit comes with flower seeds that are said to sprout in just a few days. I used a wooden skewer stick to make small holes to place the seeds in.
Once the seeds are planted in the soil, it's time to create the scene. Have your child add pieces of moss and additional rocks (which are included and in a separate package). The wooden skewer can also be used to help position items and make sure everything is secure. Once those pieces are in place, it's time for the dinosaurs! When everything is to your child's liking, simply screw on the jar's lid.

Assembling this terrarium didn't take long at all. I like that each step is easy enough for younger children to do. There also are lots of natural cues to talk about what the components of a terrarium are – rocks, for instance, help with drainage. It's a quick gardening/science lesson all in one.

At $18, this kit is priced well. Have a birthday party coming up for a child that loves to dig in the dirt? This is a perfect price point. Most MakersKit projects range $16-$28, so the cost to try one is relatively low.

This MakersKit gets two thumbs up from me for summer crafting. Looking for more terrarium references for your nature lover? Susan Beal created a wonderful Star Wars-themed terrarium in her book World of Geekcraft. Here are two of my favorite books to get you and your family terrarium crafting:


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