The Ultimate (At-Home) Halloween Guide

Celebrate Halloween in style this year with some advice on costumes, games, décor, trick-or-treating and more with our Halloween guide.

Halloween isn’t canceled. But if you’re not comfortable heading out and trick-or-treating in your neighborhood this year, we’ve got you covered with our Halloween guide.

Here, we offer tips to throwing a monster Halloween celebration from the comfort of your own home (or not, if you’re feelin’ the traditional Halloween vibes this year) — with everything from décor to events and more.

We’ve even thrown in some upcoming Halloween events to really round out your spooky season activities. So, take a look and get to planning your ghoulish gathering, today.

The décor

From spooky skeletons to creepy cobwebs and, of course, the putrid pumpkins, Halloween is all about going big with the festive décor. First, nab yourself the perfect pumpkin at our local patches and then try some of the decorating ideas in these roundups…

Not feeling these designs? Check out the latest Halloween trends for even more inspiration.

The eats

No doubt that food is a huge piece of spooky season — we don’t go around begging for candy for nothing — and it’s the perfect time to let your freaky recipes fly. Try some of these options from the MP archives.

The festivities

Whether you’re looking at a quiet night at home or wanting to hit the streets, there are plenty of options for your family to have fun during the Halloween season. Here are some of our favorite activity ideas.

Wanting even more spook-tacular fun? Try a local event like Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village — check out our calendar for even more options.

More Halloween info

Above all, Halloween should be both a fun and a safe experience for all kids. Here are some more things to read through and keep in mind while celebrating this year and beyond.

Happy haunting!


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