Michigan Treasure Hunts Offer Adventure to Oakland and Washtenaw County Families

The two men behind Michigan Treasure Hunts encourage families to get out and explore their communities with an October hunt that end in a cash prize.

Are you an expert on Oakland County or Washtenaw County? Do you know your way around like, well, the back of your mitten?

Michigan Treasure Hunts is the place to show off your skills.

The two-man company started by pals who wanted to find a family-friendly way to incorporate recent treasure hunts into escaping from the coronavirus quarantine have scheduled two hunts in Southeast Michigan.

Both in September, co-owner Rory Medina says that there will be “real treasure” for families to find after traversing their favorite county, answering clues in a 2 to 5-hour adventure.

“We’re trying to get people to go outside, walk around and have the escape room fun without being stuck in a room,” says Medina, the dad of a toddler. “We want it to be something fun and rewarding for families.”

Detroit connoisseurs can sign up to hunt for treasure on Oct. 3, 2020 Kids ages 8 and older can help with the questions and at least one person on each team must be 18 years old or older. 

The total cash prize will depend on the number of entries. The $60 entry fee is for an entire group, not per person, so gathering family experts is recommended. 

Once families sign up to join the hunt, they will be included in a group Facebook page, where the clues will drop at 10 a.m. on treasure day. The hunts will include five to seven clues to be solved with the provided map.

Driving is required to some locations and at other locations there may be multiple riddles to solve.

“We want it to be fun for everyone, so if it takes you 30 minutes to solve a riddle, that’s OK as long as you’re having a good time,” Medina says. “We don’t want everything to be something you can Google.”

The treasure at the end, which could range from $500-$3,000 based on total tickets sold, will not be buried in the ground but can be accessed by the winners using a pre-programmed cell phone.

Families can check out an example clue online to prepare themselves for the clues they’ll be answering during the hunt. It’s OK if your family doesn’t win the grand prize, just making it to the end will enter you in a chance for a door prize, plus there’s free food at the final destination


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