Mitten Clips Holder and Related Winter Craft Ideas

If essential winter accessories like hats, scarves and mittens tend to go missing in your house this time of year, keep them in check with this mitten clip holder. Check out the instructions below to download the mitten keeper tutorial you saw in the January 2013 issue of Metro Parent. What color scheme will you go with? Something winter related – or a variety of bright colors that make you long for warmer weather? No matter what your design scheme ends up being, we’d love to see a photo of it here on Make It. Then, use those mitten templates to whip up even more fun wintry crafts!


  • 1 wooden craft plaque
  • 2 small wooden craft blocks (3/4-inch)
  • 2 pairs of mitten/suspender clips
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Foam brush
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Epoxy
  • Mitten templates (click here to download the mitten template)


  1. Paint your craft plaque the color of your choice and let dry.
  2. While the plaque is drying, cut out two mitten shapes. (Visit the Make It blog this month for a mitten template and fun mitten-related activities.) We decided to laminate our mittens with a harder plastic film. This is optional, but it does make for a more polished look – and protects your creation from the melt-y elements.
  3. Cut a long length of ribbon. The length is up to you! If you’re going to hang your plaque at a lower level based on your child’s height, measure the ribbon accordingly. If you’re hanging it higher, you’ll need more ribbon for easier access. Find the center of the ribbon and staple to one of the craft blocks. Repeat for the second block. Tie a mitten clip to each ribbon end.
  4. If your craft plaque is dry at this point, turn it over and add a ribbon hanger to the back using your staple gun.
  5. With your epoxy, apply a small amount to the front of the craft block and place the mitten shape on top. Let dry completely before adhering to the plaque – once again, with a small amount of epoxy. Once everything has thoroughly dried, you’re ready to hang it up and get those mittens under control!

Even more fun!

So now that you’ve got your mitten template, how will you make it your own with the mitten keeper? If you’ve added the hard lamination to the construction paper, why not have your children add their names to the paper prior to laminating? Don’t forget embellishments like stickers, jewels, sequins, washi tape, etc. Anything is game to make it your own.

Beyond the mittens for your mitten keeper, this shape can be used for several fun winter-related crafting activities. For example, you could make the following items with the mitten shape:

  • Garland
  • Magnets (why not add a day of week to seven to clip important notices for that day’s activities or important papers to take to school?)
  • Actual mitten clips (those mittens have to go somewhere on their coats, after all)
  • Lunch notes – make a big batch in different colors to send in your child’s lunch this winter
  • Shoe clips – again, with the hard lamination, add a shoe clip to the back and clip on a pair of ballet flats for child – or you!


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