Monster Pencil Toppers Craft for Kids Who Love to Write

Did you know that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month? Since April 1 lovers of snail mail, both young and old, have been sending out extra cards and notes in an effort to pack our mailboxes with friendly greetings. And some have taken the month’s theme even further and joined the Write On campaign, pledging to send a piece of snail mail every day from April 1until 30. Whether it’s a one-time note or greeting, taking the time to send something a friend or family member is always a welcomed surprise.

If you’re hoping to instill the importance of non-digital communication with your children, encourage them to send some snail mail this month! And to get them in the mood, have them create their very own monster pencil topper. These Friendly Monsters, from Simplicity, can be found in the applique or fabric crafts aisle of your local craft store. This simple sewing project is great for beginners as a way to practice stitching circles. Not interested in sewing? No problem. Try a fabric glue, like Aleene’s No-Sew Glue, instead.


  • 1 package of Friendly Monsters appliques
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Pressing cloth
  • Canvas fabric
  • Pint glass
  • Fine-tip marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Ruler


Start out by tracing two circles on the canvas fabric with your pint glass, using the top end. Cut out the circles.

Next, place one of the appliques onto a canvas circle. Place the tracing cloth on top of the applique and iron on with a warm iron. Move around the design for about 15-20 seconds. Let cool.

Place the two-canvas circle together with the applique piece on top. At the bottom center of the circle, measure a half-inch and pin on either side of that area. This will be the opening for the pencil to be inserted into. Pin the rest of the circles together for sewing.

Starting at one pin, sew around the perimeter of the circles, stopping just before you hit the second pin.

After the first round of sewing is complete, remove the pins from the circles and sew around the piece two more times to give the topper some decorative stitching. Once this is complete your topper is ready for your pencil!

To have fun with the snail-mail theme, put together a writing kit for a young crafter in your life. Include some blank cards and envelopes, a fun pen, stickers and even some stamps. These “From Me to You” stamps from the U.S. Postal Service are perfect for April’s letter-writing theme and even come with extra mail-themed stickers on every sheet!


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