New Crafts: Fiskars Paper Crafting Tools, Pocket Rainbow Loom

The end-of-year holiday season is definitely in sight as there are many, many great new craft products hitting store shelves in southeast Michigan this fall. From paper crafting to on-the-go DIY projects, I’m very excited to see so many fun options available for kids and parents alike. In the coming weeks, our Make It roundup will feature some of these supplies as you make your holiday craft supply list that can also double as a gift idea resource!


Teresa Collins Designs for Fiskars

Teresa Collins is well known in the craft world for her elegant craft tool offerings that are lighthearted and whimsical. Collins recently launched a line with Fiskars, focusing primarily on paper punches and scissors. The tools take a break from the traditional Fiskars orange and feature a light-pink color scheme. I tried the oversized Ampersand Intricate Shape punch, Small AdvantEdge Punch System Starter Set and 8-inch Non-Stick Scissors.
The ampersand punch features a rubber-like pad on the top of the punch for comfortable punching. The punch requires a bit of strength to cut out the sharp design, so keep that in mind if your children enjoy paper punches with their craft projects.

The results are great, though! The punch locks for storage, taking up less room than when opened. The AdvantEdge punch system was much easier to punch. The crown design that I tried would look cute wrapped around a cupcake wrapper or as some ocean wave inspiration for a card or drawing.

The non-stick scissors receive a place on my must-have craft supply list. If your children like cutting tape, from washi to masking, you need a pair of these scissors in your home. The non-stick blades don’t become gummy after cutting the tape and produce a clean line. I love, love, love these.


Rainbow Loom’s Finger Loom

All the young crafters in my life are getting a Finger Loom in their stockings this year! From the makers of Rainbow Loom, the Finger Loom is your on-the-go offering for children (and grown-ups) who are still addicted to rubber band weaving. And at just $3.99, the Finger Loom is a great small gift to give.
The loom is incredibly simple to use. The small plastic loom is all you need – well, that and some colorful bands, of course, which are included with the kit. It takes just three bands to get the weaving started and you’re off. The kit comes with a clip for hooking the loom onto a backpack or a loop on a pair of jeans. Rainbow Loom offers additional project instructions online for the Finger Loom, too.

 Check back for more new products you’ll want to check out next week right here on Make It!


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