Paint Wood-Turned Egg Forms for an Easter Treat that Lasts

When it comes to selecting a plastic Easter egg to fill with candy for your child's basket, you've got a LOT of choices. From Hello Kitty to Spider-Man, the options are endless for holding all those jelly beans, chocolate candies and, if you're lucky, a little bit of money. But what about an egg that will last a bit longer? As fun as those shapes are, once the candy has been removed, that plastic shell often heads for the recycling bin or trashcan. Taking a cue from the White House, though, you can make an egg that will last for years to come.

For the past few decades the White House has offered a commemorative wooden Easter egg to celebrate the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The bright wood-turned eggs are stamped with signatures from the President and First Lady. There's even a special egg dedicated to First Pups Bo and Sunny! The wooden eggs are a wonderful non-candy alternative and a fun collectible.

You can make your own special egg for your family by heading to the wood aisle at your local craft supply store. These ready-to-decorate eggs are easy to work with and can be used in a variety of ways.


  • Wooden eggs (see image at right)
  • Craft paint and brushes
  • Painting tape
  • Markers
  • Eye hooks
  • Drill
  • Ribbon
  • Scrap paper
  • Glue
  • Additional decorating embellishments


To paint your egg with a half-and-half look, mask half your egg with painting tape. The tape will create a crisp painting line – and also act as an area for you and your child to hold onto while painting.

Once the paint is dry on your eggs, it's up to you and your crafters how you'd like to decorate them.

To aid in drying your painted eggs, look to those familiar egg-decorating kits! This kit from Target worked perfectly for keeping the eggs in one spot while drying. Bonus? It was filled with extra stickers and embellishments!

Plain and Simple

Like the simple look of the painted eggs? We do, too! Add these to a centerpiece on your dinner table or in a pretty bowl for an easy decoration.

Egg Tree Ornament

If your family has a tree for all kinds of holidays, this egg is easy to convert into an ornament for it.

We used a smaller drill to start a hole in the top of this painted egg.

Once the hole was started, a small eyehook was screwed into the top. Add a piece of ribbon and it's ready for hanging.

Egg Characters

Grab a fine-tip marker and add a nose, eyes and whiskers to create a bunny creature. Scraps of construction paper can quickly become a pair of ears when glued to the back of the egg.

How else can you decorate your egg?

  • Add your child's name with paint markers

  • Polka-dot it!

  • Cover with glitzy embellishments

  • Paint comic book word bubbles for a superhero theme

  • Swap craft paint for chalk paint and let the egg become a doodle space


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