Patriotic Pinata Craft Tutorial for Fourth of July Fun

Making pinatas has been a super popular DIY trend this year. Crafters are concocting all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes – from the classic donkey to superheroes and plenty more. Add some fun for the younger guests at your next summer party by creating a patriotic-themed pinata. Premade hanging stars, found in the decorating aisles of stores like Party City, help make assembling the perfect star shapes a cinch.

Check out our step-by-step photos below to guide you through the pinata-making process. Pinatas are easy and fun to make, but do require a steady hand and patience as you make the form, add fringed tissue paper and get just the right look. Once you’ve mastered this shape, what other kind of pinatas will you make? Share your pinata creations with us here at the Make It blog.


  • 1 pack of large, 15-inch decorative stars
  • Masking tape
  • Red and blue tissue
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Craft-strength glue stick
  • Fishing line or baker’s twine
  • White curling ribbon
  • Small buttons
  • Poster board


1. Cut 2-inch wide strips of poster board. Snip the strips down to 11.5 inches in length and bend in half. Do this for five strips.
2. To assemble the pinata, nestle the strip into the center of the star. Meet the two sides together and tape. Tape four strips in this fashion.
3. Take your last strip and cut out a rectangle shape from either side. On the backside of the strip, tape several layers of tissue to it. With your craft knife, make three small slits in each tissue side.
4. Next, take a long length of curling ribbon and tie a triple knot at one end. Thread through a button; this will act as a trigger. Insert all of the buttons and tape the piece to your star.

5. Tape the second star to the form you’ve made. Tape the trigger bottom last – fill your pinata before taping that side!

6. Staple or tape several layers of tissue together and fringe the ends with your scissors. Tape down to your start form. Trim to shape your star as you go.
7. Cover the sides of the star with a folded piece of tissue and glue stick.
8. Make a small square cut in the top of the star point to insert your string for hanging.
9. Bonus tip: To help push the string through, cut a small slit in a paper straw and push through the holes.


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