5 Patriotic Memorial Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Deck your yard and home out in red, white and blue this Memorial Day with these Pinterest-worthy Memorial Day crafts for kids.

Memorial Day is only days away and there’s no better time to get your kids in the patriotic spirit. Here are some fun red, white and blue DIY projects the whole family can enjoy together.

Painted Lawn Stars

Photo via The Concrete Cottage

This is the perfect excuse to get the kids outside and playing in the grass like we had to do before iPhone apps were invented. Red white and blue stars will have your lawn – and bathtub – looking perfectly patriotic. Get the tutorial at The Concrete Cottage.

Patriotic Windsocks

Photo via Remodelando la Casa

Windsocks are what American dreams are made of. Get the kids involved in making this unique Memorial Day decor. Have them make red, white and blue patterns and don’t forget to tie ribbon on the bottom so it flies with the wind. Get the tutorial at Remodelando la Casa.

Patriotic Twig Ornaments

Photo via Happy Hooligans

Paint them and stick them in the trees like ornaments, or scatter them on tables for decor. The kids will have a blast collecting sticks and painting them. Just keep this activity by Happy Hooligans outside, and on newspaper.

Egg Carton American Flag

Photo via Crafty Morning

Have the kids go to town with red, white and blue paint. After the egg carton dries, they can fill it with M&M’s or have a proper storage space for the next craft below. Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Patriotic Painted Rocks

Photo via Me And My Inklings

What is it with kids and rocks? They end up in pockets of shorts and jackets, and ultimately have to be fished out of the dryer. Embrace their love for inanimate objects, and show them how to create a keepsake they’ll cherish for days with this craft by Me And My Inklings. Paint the rocks in patriotic colors, and don’t forget to add stars.

And if your looking for even more Memorial Day crafts for kids. Check out our other craft roundup here.


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