POP! Designs & Creations Brings Conrad the Unicorn to Life

About 12 hours and 800 balloons. At first attempt, that’s what it took for POP! Designs & Creations balloon artist and Ann Arbor mom Carolynn Hayman to bring her 9-foot-tall wonder, Conrad the Unicorn, to life.

Conrad was first created for the Twist & Shout Balloon Convention’s costume competition last year. But once Hayman suited up, pranced on stage, danced in front of the crowd and left small balloon droppings, audiences fell in love.

“We’re getting towards having to house train Conrad, but he just loves to dance and spread joy,” Hayman says. “He attracts attention immediately.”

Since then, Conrad has blown up. His image has been shared by over 50 million people worldwide, his PR company notes, and he’s been invited to events around the country.

“As soon as I put it on and walk out and people see, they cannot keep away,” Hayman says. “It made traffic stop.”

In celebration of Conrad’s recent first birthday, which was Feb. 24, balloon company Betallic sponsored a party at Twist & Shout. He received a balloon arch, balloon presents and a balloon cake.

Today, Conrad is but one member of “Team Conrad,” which also includes Bella The Blue Bird, Lola the Zebra, The Flying Pig, a giant chicken and, coming soon, a lion named Aurora (emphasis on the “roar”). “There are no limits,” Hayman says.

Where is Conrad?

This fantastic creature is tricky to spot in person, but you can find out what he’s up to at conradtheunicorn.com – and follow POP! Designs & Creations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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