Popsicle Stick Spider Web Craft with Pompom Spider

With just a week left until Halloween, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the season and craft away! My favorite decorations tend to be the little unexpected items you find in someone’s home, made with two little hands and a lot of craft pride. For today’s Make It, we’re whipping up a simple Popsicle stick spider web. Your child can make just one or a whole fleet; making more than one can turn a chandelier into a spider-approved light fixture, a way to take over your fireplace or even just as a surprise when someone walks through your doorway.


  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Black craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 2-inch circle paper punch
  • Halloween scrapbook paper
  • Black jute twine or black yarn
  • Hot glue and glue gun (for younger crafters working on their own, consider super-tacky glue)
  • Pompom and pipe cleaners (optional)


1. Start by painting the Popsicle sticks black. Paint one side at a time, letting it dry, before painting the side. Don’t forget to paint the edges, too!
2. With the paper punch, punch two circles from the Halloween scrapbook paper of your choice.
3. Position four of the painted Popsicle sticks onto the paper circle, non-design side-up, and adhere with hot glue.
4. Add the remaining four Popsicle sticks into the corners of the “plus sign” you just created.
5. Take your other paper circle and attach to the web form to cover up the center. Use a liberal amount of glue to make sure the top is secure.
6. To create the web strings, cut off a length of the black jute twine and start wrapping it around each Popsicle stick. Adhere the first piece to the back of the web with hot glue and move from stick to stick. When you run out of your first piece of string, simple glue the tail to the back and start another piece. Make as many or as few rows as you like.
7. When your web wrapping is all done, your spider web should look like this.
8. If you like, make a simple pompom spider to set it off. Cut four 3-inch pieces of pipe cleaner and bend them in the middle. Hot glue to the bottom of the pompom. Add googly eyes to finish the spider and attach to your web.

Want to hang your spider web? Glue a length of twine to one of the Popsicle sticks.


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