Pumpkin Moon Shadowbox Halloween Craft

Fall is definitely in the air here in southeast Michigan. From cider mill trips to chillier evenings, my favorite season has arrived – and I couldn't be more excited. Fall also brings Halloween crafting, so any free time I have – and that my friends and family can spare – is dedicated to that!

Shadowboxes are a lot of fun to play with, whether you use them as a 2-D scrapbook or as a way to show off a favorite souvenir. Celebrate the beautiful colors found in autumn by creating this pumpkin moon shadowbox for your home.


  • Wooden shadowbox, 6-by-6 inches (you can find these at Michaels)
  • Acrylic craft paints of your choice – think warm colors!
  • Foam brush
  • Plastic craft gloves
  • White bottlebrush trees in an assortment of sizes (you can also find these at Michaels)
  • Pumpkin stickers (I used these carnival adhesive die-cuts from Martha Stewart)
  • Orange and gold spray paint (I used the colors "Pumpkin" and "Cardboard" from the Plutonium Paint line)
  • Epoxy


1. Start out by painting your shadowbox. Paint the outside of the box one color and let dry. Paint the inside another color. For my shadowbox, I painted the outside jet black and the inside a metallic copper.
2. As your shadowbox dries, it's a good time to spray paint your trees. With your gloves on, completely cover your trees in your selected spray paint. I purchased two packages of bottlebrush trees, so one package became pumpkin and the other became the cardboard color. Stand the trees up on a clean work surface and let dry.
3. Back to the shadowbox. Next, add your pumpkin sticker in either corner of the box. If your sticker doesn't feel sticky enough, add a bit of glue to the back to secure the hold.
4. Once both your shadowbox and trees are dry, it's time to complete the project. Apply a small amount of epoxy to the bottom of your biggest tree. I anchored mine in one of the corners. Fill in the area with as many trees as you'd like. Once you're done adding the trees, leave the shadowbox alone so that the epoxy can dry thoroughly.
5. You're all set! Make as many shadowboxes as you'd like for fall decorating. I made another one, but instead of a pumpkin moon, I added a black cat moon – ooh!


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