reCap Mason Jar Lids for Your Child's Craft Supplies

A few months back I stumbled upon a product online called reCap. They’re plastic lids that transform mason jars into convenient storage containers. While you might not think it’s a big deal, these lids are a pretty great idea as most mason jars arrive with the standard ring and seal that aren’t one piece. While some brands are offering decorative tops for their jars (you can frequently find them at the craft store), I’d never seen a product that would not only turn a mason jar into a useful food storage piece, but something practical enough for storing craft supplies.

According to inventor and company founder Karen Rzepecki’s story on their website, reCap was created after she couldn’t find a suitable top to keep homemade salad dressing from leaking out of mason jars. After a successful Kickstarter and additional grants, reCap was born and fans love them. After reorganizing a few of my must-have craft supplies for my nephews, I can totally see why.

reCap’s product offering is simple: there are screw-on lids with a pour spout, a flip top and even adaptable features like soap pumps and squirt bottles. The tops are easy to open, especially for smaller hands. Products like the shaker tops are inserted into a flip top to help with food products like finely grated cheese. They’re spill-proof, BPA free and can be put in the dishwasher. With a list like this, how can this product get any better? They’re ideal for storing craft supplies and giving your child’s supply stash a cute, helpful makeover.

Lightweight, ready-to-roll items like mini pom-poms are perfect for storing in a mason jar with the basic flip top lid. You can still easily pull out what you need our simply shake a few out on your art table.

The larger-hole grater is just the right size for shaking out a few Perler beads at a time. The large buckets of Perler beads drive me NUTS as they’re just asking to be spilled everywhere when your child tries to grab a handful. The beads shake out a few at a time with this reCap system.

Even better? Take the leftover Perler beads and drop them on top of the grate – they’ll roll right back into the jar.

The pour spout is a great solution for storing and using those mini rolls of baker’s twine you find in the dollar section at your local supermarket and craft stores. Pull a long piece of twine up through the top and simply pull what you need. Close the cap to keep the twine from tangling when you’re done.

I love repurposing mason jars in a variety of ways to use them over and over again as a low-cost storage and home decor solution. reCap’s blog showcases some clever DIY projects and gifts you’ll love to learn more about. When you start thinking about what needs to be organized in your home, especially in an area like a craft room, reCap makes a lot of exciting sense! If you’re looking for a way to get your family’s craft supplies in order that’s cute enough to leave out on display around the clock, make sure to check out reCap.


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