Rustic Pumpkin Lunch Bag Halloween Craft for Kids

For the Halloween fans out there, do you and your children find yourselves wanting a little bit of Halloween magic each and every day? I know I definitely do, as do many of my friends and family. Show off your Halloween pride with an unexpected daily accessory – a lunch bag! A blank lunch sack from Ecobags is a Halloween canvas just waiting to take shape. This recycled lightweight bag is easy to craft with and can hold the tastiest of goodies.

Make this lunch sack for your children or have older crafters tackle this on their own.


  • 1 Ecobags lunch bag (check for vendors selling individual bags if you're not in the market to buy a few at once from the Ecobags website, which sells a minimum of two to four for $5)
  • Orange fabric dye (your choice of brand)
  • Black fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Pellon Wonder-Under interfacing
  • Sewing machine or hand needle
  • Orange thread
  • Iron and ironing board


1. To get started, wash the lunch bag per the bag's washing instructions. Let the bag drip dry after it's been washed.
2. Dye your bag per the dye manufacturer's instructions. I used Jacquard's iDye. Leave your bag in the dye solution for as little or long you like to achieve your desired shade. I wanted this bag to have a bit of a rustic, country feel, so I left it in the dye solution for about half the time the manufacturer suggested.
3. To set the dye, once again follow your brand's directions. iDye had me wash the bag in the washing machine with a mild detergent and once again drip dry.
4. Once dry, iron the bag so you have a smooth surface to work with.
5. With your fabric scraps, iron on a piece of Wonder-Under to each piece. Make sure the rough side is up and that your scraps are placed right-side up, as well, before ironing together.
6. With the interfacing now on the scraps, cut out two triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a mouth.
7. Remove the paper backing from the pumpkin face pieces. Position them onto the bag and iron on. This will help keep the pieces together when it's time add the top stitching.
8. Either using your sewing machine or sewing by hand, add an orange top stitch to each pumpkin face piece. Sew onto the black fabric so that the raw edges will fray over time.
9. There you go! The lunch bag is all set and ready to hit the road with the Halloween lover in your house.


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