Sequin DIY Halloween T-Shirts

Can you believe Halloween is less than a week away? Where did October go? I’ll make a bet you probably have a lot of Halloween-related activities this weekend, from friend get-togethers to putting the finishing touches on costumes. My nephews will be visiting me, so we’ll definitely be in the mood for some Halloween fun. If you’re looking for a bit of pre-holiday glitz before you or your child debut this year’s costume, why not transform a plain T-shirt into a sparkling tribute to Halloween?

Honestly WTF’s editor-in-chief Erica Coffman created a beautiful sequined sweater earlier this month that has been making the rounds in the crafty blogosphere. She used sequin trim to create a pair of bunny ears for her sweater. I love the look and the ease of the project. I thought a Halloween treatment might be fun – but with just an outline to reduce the amount of time the project would take to complete.


  • T-shirt of your choice
  • Sequin trim in different colors (this can be purchased in the ribbon aisle at most fabric stores)
  • Scissors
  • Trim glue (I recommend Aleene’s Glitter and Gem Glue)
  • Paper grocery bag
  • Thin-tip marker


1. Start out by inserting your grocery bag into your T-shirt. This will keep the glue from seeping through to the back of the shirt if too much is applied. Once that is ready, draw or trace your Halloween image onto the front of the shirt. I drew a witch’s hat. What will you draw on yours?
2. Next, decide which sequins colors you want to use. For the color you’re going to outline with the most, use that one first. Remove the cap from your bottle of glue and apply a thin line of the adhesive to your design. Work in sections so that your glue isn’t sitting on the shirt for too long without having trim added to it. I didn’t cut my sequins in advance – I simply pulled a long piece from the gathering I purchased and kept working around the design.
3. Continue outlining the biggest part of your design. For mine, it was the outside and brim of the hat. When you come to a corner, simply curve the sequins and continue gluing. When you’re all done, cut off your trim from the long piece by making a small cut in between sequins. Add an extra drop of glue to the end so that the last sequin won’t slip off.
4. Once the outside of your design is trimmed, move on to any designs you made in the center of the drawing. For me, I needed to outline the belt and buckle on the witch’s hat.
5. When you’re all done gluing, let your shirt dry for at least 24 hours. Then get ready to show it off!


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