Show Off Your Sharpie Style with Sharpie Drawings and Crafts

Use some Sharpie markers and helpful tips from book 'Your Sharpie Style' to create a cute tote with your kids.

Crafters both young and old can be found doodling from time to time, and chances are good that they may be doodling with a Sharpie marker. Sharpies are a crafting tool that evolves with each generation. That’s something that author Deborah Green can attest to as her new book, Your Sharpie Style, is all about celebrating the beloved marker. Green has put together 75 new projects in the book that appeal to both parent and child. From decorating a pair of sneakers to making a one-of-a-kind tote bag, Green’s book gets those Sharpies flowing.

With the adult coloring book trend still in high gear, it’s no surprise that there’s an entire book dedicated to doodling. While Green’s book is a great project starter for grown-up crafters, many of the ideas are great for children to try their hands at, especially tween crafters who are looking to learn more art techniques.

Green starts out the book by going over several different decorating techniques, showing the differences between the various types of Sharpies available in stores today, and how those markers look on different materials. Her projects use basic Sharpie markers, paint pens and more.

The tips Green offers with each project are especially helpful. While several of the projects are very self-explanatory and lend themselves toward creative interpretation by children, she does offer a few things to keep in mind depending on the project. For parents, these are great pieces of information to keep in the back of your mind as your children are working so that each project is a smashing success.

I took a cue from Green’s book and put one of her stenciling techniques to work on a plain canvas tote bag. Have you noticed how many ready-to-craft canvas projects there are at the craft store these days? It’s fantastic! I bought a ready-to-go tote bag and gave it a quick press with an iron so that I had a smooth drawing surface.

Next, I used a large paper punch to punch out heart shapes from freezer paper. I ironed them onto my bag to make stencils.

With a selection of Sharpies at my side, I started adding small dots around the hearts to define its shape.

Next, I added additional colors. By doing this around the stencil, the heart shape will stand out once the papers are removed.

Once you’re done doodling, simply peel off the stencil shapes and your design is revealed!

Your Sharpie Style is available from Harper Collins for $16.99.


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