Simple Sticker Portfolio Book Kids Can Make

Happy Valentine’s Day! Does your family have leftover valentine or holiday stickers lying around? Keep them in a safe place, and off your walls, by making a simple sticker portfolio. Before those stickers get “stuck,” this booklet is a prime spot to tuck your colorful, still-on-the-waxy-white-paper assortment. The secret is the handy-dandy pockets. So grab these materials below (some of them might already be in your home!) to get started on this easy project for you and the kids.


  • Cardstock
  • Hole puncher
  • 2 binder rings (size depends on how thick your book is)
  • Scrap paper or extra card stock
  • Glue Dots adhesives
  • Scissors or paper cutter


1. Start by organizing your stickers into similar themes – and decide how many pockets you’ll need to make. You can get two skinny sticker strips on one page. For larger sticker sheets, you can fit one to a page.

2. Next, it’s time to make your pockets for the book pages. Your pocket height should be about half the size of the sticker sheet. Hint: For pockets, consider recycling scrap paper, holiday cards or other lightweight cardboard or cardstock.
3. For the width, add at least an extra inch to either side. For skinnier sticker sheets, add 1.25″ to either side.
4. Grab your Glue Dots!
5. To attach the pockets to your page, add a row of Glue Dots on three sides of the pocket. Position toward the bottom of the page so that the stickers don’t stick out of the top of the portfolio. Create as many pages as necessary to store all of your stickers.
6. With your hole puncher, punch a hole on one side of the cardstock – at the top and bottom. Once the pages are all punched, combine them all together with a binder ring in each hole.
7. Add a blank piece of cardstock to the front and back of the portfolio to make covers. Kids can personalize it however they please. More stickers, perhaps?


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