Small-Toy Organizing Tray Craft for Kids

We bet your child loves at least one toy or craft supply that’s tiny, easily dropped or lost and always ends up in the vacuum. At our house, the main offenders are Lego bricks and Perler beads. Luckily, it’s a cinch to create a sorting tray to keep these pieces in check. Plus, since it’s created with actual Legos, it makes projects and toys requiring assembling all the easier to put together.


  • Plain wooden tray (found in the craft store wood-craft aisle)
  • Craft paint – your choice
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • “2×2” Lego bricks (the small square ones; quantity depends on tray layout)
  • Paintbrush
  • Washi tape


  1. Hit up the brick wall at The Lego Store at Troy’s Somerset Collection to stock up on 2×2 bricks in your child’s favorite color. The bricks become the dividers in this simple tray.
  2. Paint the tray on both the top and bottom. Let dry thoroughly.
  3. Decide on the layout of the organizers. Use washi tape to mask off your areas to help create straight lines.
  4. Time to start gluing the bricks! Have younger crafters tell you to set the bricks to avoid glue gun mishaps. For older crafters, try using a silicone finger cap with the hot glue to keep fingers safe. Affix the bricks in a straight line to create the dividers and let cool. Add as many nooks as you’d like.
  5. Once all bricks are in place, the tray is ready to be used. What’s fun about this is that additional rows of bricks may be stacked onto the base rows to give the tray height – and additional sorting options.


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