Spider Web Nail Art for Halloween

To this day, nail art is still one of my favorite camp-themed activities – no matter what the season may be. It doesn’t take much to get going: some scrap wood, a small hammer, a few nails and a colorful ball of yarn and you’re ready to go. The fun twists and turns of nail art lay the basis for one rustic-looking spider web as the countdown to Halloween kicks into high gear. Have your child practice basic hammer skills by creating their own spider web nail art.


  • Wood plaque or scrap piece of wood (I used this rustic wooden plaque from Target’s Handmade Modern line)
  • 1.75 wire brads
  • Black yarn
  • Small hammer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Spider sticker or stamp/ink pad
  • Card stock
  • Craft clothespins, hole punch (optional)


Start out by marking where you want to add nails to the wood by making small marks with a pencil. Scatter the points across the surface to create a one-of-a-kind web shape.

Begin adding your nails to the marks you made. For older crafters, working with a small hammer is perfect. For younger crafters, show them how to properly hold a hammer as you add the nails to the wood and then try it together, making sure to be careful of little fingers!

Working with your ball of black yarn, tie a double knot to one of the nails you added. Wrapping the yarn around each nail twice and pushing the yarn down onto the plaque, slowly work your way around the outside of the web shape, pulling the yarn a bit tight as you go, and then start crossing across the web to create a unique design.

Don’t cut a long piece of yarn from the ball; having the ball work with you help keeps the yarn from popping up off the nails.

When your web is looking webby enough, cut off your yarn from the ball, leaving yourself some slack to tie a final double knot to the last nail your child worked with. Trim the excess the yarn from each of the knots.

To finish your spider web nail art, add a spider sticker of stamp to the center of the web! A small craft clothespin will hold him in place. To display the piece, just in time for Halloween, use an everyday plate stand.


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