Spin a Bit of Yarn: Knitting Fun for Kids

Simple, colorful and affordable, a puffy skein of acrylic yarn can go a long way for creative kids. In honor of National Craft Month, we talked fiber fun with Anne Drozd, an activity planner at the Ann Arbor District Library.

At its Fiber Arts Lab and Sewing Lab, newbies as young as 11 find projects to get started – and advanced makers can build on their knowledge.

“Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive,” Drozd says. “For knitting, all you need is two needles and a ball of yarn.”

Projects at the labs range from a little 101 on the classic yarn-looping craft of knitting – which has seen a big surge in recent years and launched a variety of kid craft toys – to yarn-wrapped crafts, like vases and wire words that look like hip neon signs.

Whatever material kids use, crafting is also a great way to pinch pennies, Drozd says. Not to mention reduce stress, boost self-esteem, improve fine motor skills and, often, put math skills to practical use.

“One of the best parts of learning these skills is that it provides you with a better understanding of how things are made,” Drozd says, “and gives you the skills needed to repair and mend everyday household items.”

Find out what’s happening in the AADL labs this month at aadl.org.

Is your kid serious about learning to knit?

Skeins on Main is a yarn store in Rochester that offers classes for ages 8-12. It’s $50/student for six weeks.


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