St. Patrick’s Day Bow Ties Project for the Family

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Sunday! And, luckily, we can all be a bit Irish for the day with these spiffy, accordion-pleated paper bow ties. Whether it’s your wee leprechauns – or some fun flourish for mom and dad – everyone in the family will love these festive accessories. Whether you tie one around your neck or, perhaps, affix a little pin backing or hair-clip for a different approach, these cute creations are sure to complement the rest of the green in your wardrobe this weekend.



1. Start out by cutting a piece of green cardstock down to 8 1/2 by 5 inches.

2. If you’re using a scoring board, line up your paper in the corner and score the paper at the half-inch mark. If you don’t have a scoring board, mark the top of your paper every half-inch. Fold your paper against your ruler.
3. Once scored, fold your piece of paper accordion style.
4. Staple the folded paper in the center with one staple.
5. Take your stapled paper bunch and spread out each bow end to make it look like a bow tie.
6. Measure the recipient’s neck and cut a piece of ribbon to fit, adding a few additional inches so that you can tie a knot. Tie the ribbon around the bow tie, hiding the stapled center.
7. Place one of your moustache stickers onto the orange cardstock. (If you don’t have a moustache sticker, you can make one of your own with a small piece of felt.) Cut around the moustache so you have a 1/4-inch orange border showing. Hot glue the sticker to the bow tie.
8. You’re all set. Now, wear your tie with pride!
9. You don’t have to tie your bow tie on: Add a pin back or barrette-style clip to your bow tie to wear as a brooch or some hair flair.


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