St. Patrick's Day Clever Clover Card Uses Green Hearts

When Irish eyes are smiling, crafty inspiration is surely on the horizon! St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday with my family as it doesn't take more than a few green wardrobe pieces and an appreciation for shamrocks to have fun in March. Speaking of shamrocks, it's time to focus on them this Make It. At its core, the shamrock looks like three happy hearts bunched together. Using the heart shape as our guide, you and your family can make a simple St. Patrick's Day card three different ways so that you can say you "heart" St. Patrick's Day.


  • Green and yellow card stock
  • Heart-shaped punch
  • Heart-shaped rubber stamp
  • Scrap fabric
  • Green paint pen or green inkpad
  • Green marker
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/cutting mat for measuring
  • Foam adhesive squares


1. Start out by cutting your yellow card stock into three 3-by-3 inch squares. These will be your child's clover canvases.
2. Each clover is assembled the same way: For the paper clover card, punch three hearts out of the green card stock. If you have heart punches on hand already, have your child experiment with the different sizes to see how different each clover looks when assembled.
3. Apply glue to the back of the hearts. Place them on the yellow square so that the bottom points touch. Add the final heart in between the hearts to make the clover shape.
4. For the stamped card, use either a green inkpad or green paint pen. The pen is fun to try as it gives a much different look when stamped than a regular inkpad does. Stamp the clover the same way you laid out your paper clover.
5. With your fabric card, punch a spare heart out of card stock to use as a tracing template. Trace the heart onto the fabric and cut out with scissors. Apply a liberal amount of glue to the hearts and place onto the card stock.
6. Not a bad collection of clovers! Finish each one by drawing a stem with your green marker.
7. You and your child can assemble the card however you like. Try mounting the finished clover onto a corresponding piece of card stock with the adhesive foam squares and then onto a 4-by-6-inch flat card, again with the foam squares. (Make the card yourself with your ruler and scissors or pick up card blanks at your local craft or paper store.)
8. Finish your card by adding a place to write a special message on the back, complete with a matching shamrock sticker!


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