The Container Store Offers Storage Options for Crafters

The newly-opened Novi store has tons of items to help you organize craft supplies. Here are some of our favorites.

The Container Store came to Novi earlier this month to become Michigan’s first location. Organization nuts and fans of the brand welcomed the store’s opening with grand fanfare at the beginning of June. Lucky for them, the Novi location won’t be Michigan’s only location. A TCS store will be opening in Troy later this fall. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s usually something inside the store’s bright walls that you didn’t know you needed.

I’m a fan of TCS but in a way you may not think of right away – it’s THE place to go for organizing craft supplies!

When I’m on the hunt for just the right storage solution, TCS usually has what I’m looking for.

With their gift wrap section, there are a collection of items that double as useful art supplies, but it’s the rest of the store that always grabs my craft room’s attention.

I attended the store’s grand opening this month and found a whole roundup of items that will be coming home to my craft room. If you’re hoping to get your child’s craft stash in order for summer making, take a look at some of my favorite finds you didn’t know you needed or that could be so crafty.

Item: Poppin Storage Accessories

Crafty Spin: Color-Assigned Crafting Stations

For houses with more than one junior crafter, let each child pick a favorite color for their work station. Dedicating a color to each child provides a great sense of ownership and helps keep individual art projects in check.

Item: Infinite Divider Boxes

Crafty Spin: Customizable

Pompom and Googly Eye Storage
With the ability to make a cubby as small as you need it to be, these clear boxes keep the smallest of crafting supplies, like those tiny googly eyes, in check.

Item: Countertop Drying Rack

Crafty Spin: Portable Painting Rack

When an afternoon of painting is complete, let precious works of art dry on this collapsible drying rack. The two sides and bottom sling allow pieces of various sizes to safely dry.

Item: Spice Stacks

Crafty Spin: Glitter Bottle Holders

A hefty collection of glitter is something every crafter needs. But those little bottles have a tendency to escape and roll away if you’re not careful. Try looking at items meant for the pantry to keep bottles like this in check.

Item: Clothespin Caddy

Crafty Spin: Paint Bottle Basket

Painting is a lot of fun, but for younger crafters unattended bottles can equal disastrous results. Keep paint bottles safely stored in this caddy that features a hook at the top, so you can hang the basket up and out of the way of curious hands.

To see what others have been sharing for inspiration from TCS Novi, search #ContainNovi. For more DIY tips and approaches, make sure to follow The Container Store on Pinterest.


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