Tiny World Terrariums: Craft Book Review

As a craft fair organizer, I can report that terrariums are everywhere these days – and that’s great! There are more than 145 pages of “terrarium” results on Etsy, and they can be found at crafty boutiques like Naka in Ferndale, Michigan.

Haven’t seen a “modern” terrarium these days? They’re much, MUCH more than the science projects you might have created back in middle school. Susan Beal created a Star Wars terrarium in her World of Geekcraft blog, and Michigan native Haley Pierson-Cox takes empty spice jars to make miniature versions for her home garden. No matter the size or materials, terrariums are easy and fun to make for all ages.

Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow’s Tiny World Terrariums (STC Craft, May 2012) tackles terrariums of all shapes and sizes. Known as the “Terrarium Ladies” of Twig Terrariums, the women take you step-by-step through the creation of a terrarium, no matter the container, the materials or the accessories.

Terrarium building dates back to the 1800s when fern collecting was a popular pastime. Inciarrano and Maslow start out by telling you which tools you need – most of them found in your kitchen drawers! After discussion on finding the right container, you’re ready to get building. The next few chapters take you through actual construction so that, by the end, you can make terrariums in your sleep.

The book wraps up with decorating and theme ideas that range from silly to sweet. I made a simple version of my own with just some pebbles, a rock from the beach and a bean jar. That’s the great thing about terrariums – many of the ingredients can be retrieved from your backyard or found during a special trip up north.

If you’ve got crafters and small scientists in your family, Tiny World Terrariums is a great summer read worthy of picking up now.


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