Tradition Do-Over – From Decor to Holiday Cards

Jostle around your standard decor, reconnect with family and unleash some holiday tension with these jolly idea joggers.

‘Tis the season to deck those halls. But what if your heart’s really just not into the standard arsenal of tinsel, evergreens and twinkling lights this year? Sometimes, traditions can get tired. But don’t let it thwart your holiday spirit! Whether you’re looking for a year (or two) hiatus or inspiration to flip the script for good, here are five festive ways to shake up your usual decor and other traditions, from the tree and the centerpiece to tangled lights and cards.

O Silver Tree

Make your evergreen gleam – by making it metal. Flip over a 33-inch steel-wire tomato cage, about $2 at Lowe’s, and festoon it with ornaments and lights. Too small for your spirits? Get brave and bring in a six-foot ladder to deck out.

Curtailing Cards

Consider replacing your holiday cards with, gulp, a few special holiday phone calls. Or, with the same logic, whittle down your list to just a few specials. Another thought: Have the kiddos doodle on card-sized paper and send that instead.

Into the Woods

Seek inspiration from nature. Paint a stray branch silver or blue, decorate it with white batting “snow” and stick it in foam in a pot (all found at craft stores). Hot-glue a cluster of pine cones to a ribbon loop for a wreath replacement. Or paint some of those spiky sweetgum tree balls white for really funky little snowball centerpieces.

The Big Pile-On

Forgo untangling string lights and arrange the clump in a big clear glass vase, empty planter or an (unused!) fireplace for ambient light. Ornaments also take on a frenzied-yet-contained look when stacked into a clear vessel (just avoid the super fragile ones).

Santa Piñata

Ho, ho, ho? Oh no, no, no. When mama or papa’s hit the boiling point, take out that stress on this crinkly Kringle. You can also pack him with treats and trinkets for a smashing spin on stocking stuffers the kids will love. About $33 on Amazon.

Art by Jay Holladay

Be a rebel this holiday season with our Holiday Gift Guide, plus browse our alternative holiday playlist. Click the images below for more details.



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